Hello, I’m Brooke Katalinich. I’m a design leader with over 13 years experience
successfully navigating teams through change. For transformation to succeed
it must be rooted in trust, autonomy and a clear leadership vision. Additionally,
to inspire teams and partners, I lean on my core principles below.

Design for Impact

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I believe in inspiring teams to think differently by challenging existing conditions.

This is achieved together through a collaborative environment of trust and safety necessary to foster innovation. We do this by leveraging the power of change management and innovation to drive business results, increase revenue and enable transformation.

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Brooke Katalinich

Brooke Katalinich

Currently, I lead teams at The Home Depot through a cultural transformation of behavior and mindset to drive business value through products and services. This allows teams to follow a proven formula to gather learnings in a quick, low risk way. Year over year we have doubled our impact and driven measurable results to the business. Below are snapshots of key initiatives leveraged to achieve these results. Please contact me for more project specifics.

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Design Sprint

Training Curriculum
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Design Sprint

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Get to know my core leadership principles

Design at Scale

Grew adoption rate 20% in 2017, 36% in 2018 and 52% in 2019 along with an average implementation metric of 68% in 2018 and 82% in 2019

Design for Impact

The business case for the Design Sprint Program proved an average speed to market benefit of 2-4 weeks resulting in a gross demand and profitability benefit from $2M+

Coaching Mindset

Established a tiered training program to introduce Design Thinking and build facilitation skills; trained 300+ team members across the Enterprise

Fostering Innovation

Collaboration, alignment, and innovation emerged as the most important qualitative benefits across teams

Servant Leader

Vision creation and assembly of the Design Spring Guild responsible for the execution of strategy resulting in additional career development opportunities

Strategic Partner

Entrepreneurial and consultative approach used to build strong relationships across the organization and position the team as the leader in Design Thinking

Lets change the world, one Design Sprint at a time.


Brooke is an incredibly talented facilitator and UX designer. With minimal context, she was able to join our team and lead us in a design sprint that created immense value and un-blocked a previously complex problem space.

Regional Director of Operations The Home Depot